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Rotch Studio exhibit 2009

2014 Rotch Studio winner

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2014 Rotch Travelling Studio, Professor Matthew Jull, University of Virginia School of Architecture


Matthew Jull, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture


University of Virginia


Norwegian Arctic Islands of Svalbard


Jury Chair Ana Miljacki PhD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

William O’Brien Jr.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rafi Segal
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Elizabeth Whittaker, Principal, MERGE Architects Inc.
Harvard Graduate School of Design


Matthew has carried out research on architecture and urbanization in the Arctic regions of U.S., Canada, and Russia as well as leading design studios that have explored new architectural and urban scale design potentials for regions undergoing transformation in the arctic due to environmental transformation and economic development. A key pedagogical feature of these studios is intensive research and design iterations.

In FUTURE NORTH: SVALBARD, the studio will give students an opportunity experience and document site-specific conditions and architectural/urban design approaches in the extreme arctic climate of Svalbard. As well, they will have an opportunity to meet with a wide range of experts on the arctic region, as well as residents who understand first-hand the challenges of living and working in the arctic. This site visit will provide a framework for students to develop a deeper understanding of the forces at work in the Arctic and to apply this knowledge to developing architectural and urban scale proposals that can be applied in regions that are either currently transforming, or are expected to the be the sites of future development.

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