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How does this work?

IMPORTANT: The Rotch Travelling Studio Grant is not being offered in 2022. The Rotch Travelling Studio is a foreign-travel grant that provides up to $20,000 toward enhancing students’ architectural education. We will announce details about the next grant cycle as it becomes available.

Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, the Rotch Committee and the Rotch Board of Trustees will assess health and safety concerns related to travel and for the recipient of the Studio Grant.

Grant proposals are invited from faculty members in all U.S. NAAB-accredited schools of architecture for travel anywhere in the world during the following calendar year. Studios are to be directed by the faculty applicant and are intended to supplement a specific design studio at the school. The faculty applicant’s architecture department will be the grant recipient and is responsible for dispersing funds and monitoring the studio’s performance.

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What are you looking for?

The Rotch Travelling Studio jury will base their evaluation on:

  1. How the travel to your proposed location will enhance the pedagogical objectives of the studio.
  2. The originality of research and its benefit to the architectural academy.
  3. The innovation in the studio structure and delivery.
  4. The specific studio goals, objectives and product to be completed in the semester timeframe.
  5. Clarity of writing.

What is my obligation if i win?

Upon return, the winner must produce an exhibit and a report demonstrating the results of the studio. The specifics of the exhibit are at the winner’s discretion. Submitted digitally, the report must include:

  • The original grant proposal
  • A one-page description of travels and a succinct assessment of the impact that the travel had on the studio course
  • At least three digital travel photos
  • At least three digital photos of the exhibition