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Iceland, Rotch Studio 2010

Iceland, Rotch Studio 2010

Rotch Studio FAQ

Can you explain what the time limit is for the use of the Rotch Studio Travelling Studio Scholarship if an award is made? For example, can the funds be used for a travelling studio during the next fall term, or do you require it to be used before the end of spring semester?
Travel for the Rotch studio must be completed by the end of a calendar year.

How many submissions have you received in the past years?
We receive anywhere from 14-25 application

Is it possible to describe some unique aspects of our NAAB accredited program which without naming it? i.e. - School X is the only publicly funded architecture school in State X and so this funding will provide our students with an opportunity that they may not otherwise get? Is this something I can include in the application without naming the school explicitly?
Please state something less geographically specific, eg: Our school is the only publicly funded architecture school in our geographic region and so this funding will provide our students with an opportunity that they may not otherwise get.

In the past, our school has conducted an abroad based capstone field trip for a week-10 days at the end of the spring semester. Does this meet the criteria for the grant, or should the entire semester be conducted abroad?
The Rotch Studio stipend is meant to fund travel abroad for just a short period, such as a week to 10 days, not the whole semester. There is a preference, however, for the travel to occur before or during the semester so it will be more integral to the students’ design thinking.

I notice that your fellowship stipulates design studios as the usual recipients. Is there any possibility that your fellowship would fund a seminar that is an in-depth course on the contemporary architecture of London? The course is a graduate seminar, examining in particular the trajectory of the avante-garde of London in the 1960's as it developed into contemporary "Hi-Tech" architecture. While the product of the seminar is usually a written paper, I am usually open to having the students design and produce "events"—i.e. happenings as their final work.
The Rotch Studio is targeted specifically for design studios only.

I understand that the application should not identify me in any way, but what about the page that describes the faculty applicant's background? Is that supposed to have my name on it?
You may use specific information for your background except for your name.

I and another professor conduct an urban design international collaborative cross cultural and cross discipline studio joint between Clemson university department of Landsape Architecture in south Carolina and Ain Shams Univerity department of Architecture in Cairo Egypt. Every spring we work on an international site that requires the two teams travel to do the field inventory and analysis work. Do you think our joint studio qualify for applying for the Rotch grant?
The Rotch Studio stipend could be used only for the travel of the American architecture program. This does not preclude working with other architecture schools.

Regarding the request for the applicant's background, other than withholding the individual's name, can applicants list specific credentials such as degrees and schools attended, previous teaching positions, and/or places of employment? Where should applicants be generic in their descriptions, and where might they list specific institutions?
Yes, you may use specific information except for your name.

I am writing to ask if a non American-citizen professor who teaches at an accredited school is eligible to apply for the Rotch Traveling Studio Grant?
Yes, a non-American professor from an accredited American architecture school can apply.

Schools and accreditation

Are faculty who are currently teaching in NAAB-accredited schools that are in candidacy status eligible to apply for the Rotch Studio?
No, schools must be already accredited.

Are Canadian schools of architecture eligible to apply for the Rotch Studio grant?
No, only schools from the U.S.


In addition to the requested application materials, may I include additional support letters from potential collaborators, such as universities in the destination country?
No additional material will be accepted. You may, however, refer to potential partners in your proposal.

I know the application needs to be blind, but what about the letter of support?
The letter of support may be on letterhead and can identify the author.

Can images be included in the application?
Yes! Just be sure your application does not exceed the required number of pages.

For a co-taught studio, should both names appear on the application?
There should be just one contact person.

Will you consider non-architecture studio proposals?
No, but we will consider grant proposals about landscape architecture and architectural interiors provided they focus on the built form.

Are multiple applications from a single school acceptable?

May a single faculty member submit two applications for two separate studios?

Travel and fees

How long is most travel abroad?
Generally two weeks, but it varies. The Rotch Committee and the Rotch Board of Trustees will assess health and safety concerns related to travel and for the recipients.

Is there a set limit for how much overhead may be charged to the grant?
The Rotch Studio does not allow overhead to be charged for the grant.


Who are this year’s jurors?
We do not announce jurors in advance of the applications.