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Rotch Studio exhibit.

Rotch Studio exhibit 2009

2012 Rotch Studio winner

Julie Larsen


Julie Larsen


University of Illinois/Urbana–Champaign




Jury Chair Mark Pasnik, over,under, Wentworth Institute of Technology and Rotch Committee member

Kelly Hutzell, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and Qatar

Meejin Yoon, Howeler + Yoon Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Julie Larsen of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign received a $20,000 Rotch Travelling Studio grant to help fund a trip to Tokyo for 12 architecture students at University of Illinois. Prior to departure, students will research, analyze and propose preliminary architectural and urban solutions around Japanese coastal cities that face high flood risk factors. While traveling, the studio will analyze Tokyo as a testing bed to grapple with global, climatic uncertainties and think opportunistically about future architectural prototypes and urban development in similar port cities. Upon their return, students will use their research to assemble an exhibit at the Figure One Gallery at the University of Illinois and publish a small research publication, including final student proposals.

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