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Image from winning Rotch 2023 project

Image by Stephanie Lloyd
2023 Rotch Scholar

Stephanie Lloyd, 2023 Rotch Scholar

Stephanie Lloyd has been named the 2023 Rotch Travelling Scholarship recipient.

The 2023 Rotch Travelling Scholarship Competition, embracing a theme of Memory and Continuance, challenged applicants to explore how design creates a dialogue between the history of a place and the new imaginaries that shape its future.

Place is a shared territory that persists in collective memory and identity, and yet it is also a contested territory where the sense of a shared history is polemicized or rewritten. In responding to present challenges and envisioning future possibilities, proposals were directed to examine the processes of preserving, erasing and even replacing artifacts and ideas in the process of making place.

Stephanie Lloyd

Stephanie Rae Lloyd is a designer, researcher and educator based in London. She is an Architectural Assistant at vPPR Architects, as well as a Unit Master in the Intermediate Programme at the Architectural Association and a Research Associate at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She has worked as a designer and researcher for multiple practices, including studioPM and MILLIØNS. Stephanie holds a Masters in Architecture with distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she was the Gregory S. Baldwin Fellow, as well as a B.A. in Architecture with High Honors from the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, where she received the Eisner Prize for Architecture as well as the university’s prestigious Leadership Award.

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